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Cracking the PMP

during the mock tests, keep a track of where you stand in comparison with other ... in this manner, you can follow the same process for all the 9 knowledge areas ... big things happen – by don gabor. goals – by brian tracy. in 9 years of reading many books,

Spectral Analysis of Geomagnetic Signatures

domain analysis using the discrete cosine transform (dct).... fft, wavelet, gabor, dst, etc.) used for the frequency transform of signals and patterns. moreover,

Continuous wavelet transform

a command-line tool for applying the continuous wavelet transform with respect to predefined wavelets to sampled data. .2006-07-21 .a command-line tool for applying the continuous wavelet transform with respect to predefined wavelets to sampled data. .2006-07-21 .


xml.transform is a small library of transformation utilities like: caching transformer manager,... uri resolvers, etc. in this library we have collected various tools that we use in our transformations. .2003-10-30 .

Embedded Zerotree Image Codec with Bior97 SSE Optimized Wavelet-transform

95 kb. introduction. wavelet transform is the replacement of the well known ...) the advantage of wavelets over fourier is that you transform the whole image without subdivision to 8x8 ... i've written an sse optimized version of this transform for faster processing extending the basefwt2d

XSLT to transform Excel XML spreadsheet to CSV or HTML table

introduction. one day, i needed to create a conversion of ms excel saved xml spreadsheet to ...) xsl.async = false xsl.load("book.xsl") // transform form1.csvvalue.value = xml....xml. here is a piece of code i use to transform excel xml to csv.

Video ICC/ICM color transform

the software pack for icc/icm color transform for captured or realtime (live) video data. uses argyll cms for automatic profile creating (using standard it8 target or custom generated). virtualdub plugin and directshow filter. .2010-01-24 .

How to transform JPEG to SWF on the fly

this article's main goal is to show how to transform a jpeg file into a swf animation on the ... thanks to it, we can, for example, apply a transformation, etc....drawing.image class to load the jpeg file, and then we can transform bmp, gif, png with the same code too:. image img = image.

Hankel transform

efficient implementations of the hankel transform and the inverse hankel transform, respectively. the hankel transform of order n transforms rotationally symmetric inputs in a computationally efficient manner.

BizTalk tracking exporting and importing utilities

a set of tools to enable/disable or report on tracking options for biztalk artifacts like ports,... - exporter creates an xml file with currently tracking settings. - importer takes (the same) xml file and set the tracking options. exporting.


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