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voice encryption

encrypt your voice using otp algorithm . input your voice and encrypt that using otp or xor with key. the result is encrypted voice . matlab 7.3 (r2006b) communications, cryptography, encryption, otp, signal processing, voice, xor .



talklock is voice encryption software for your cell phone. talklock includes a server component so that you own all points of encryption and decryption of your communications. .fails to run on antiquated cell phones!. may someday run on android?. .


vhdl core of IC6821

category: processor. language: vhdl. development status: beta.... so emulate them into an fpga. so i developed the code in vhdl. the 6821 is a peripheral from motorola.... file: vhdl6821.vhd. file: vhdl6821.vhd. description:. .


gh vhdl library

,. a. lefevre, howard. details. name: gh_vhdl_library. created: sep 4, 2005.... category: library. language: vhdl. development status: stable.... perhaps more of a collection of part than a true library, this is a set of vhdl parts that may be used as a set of building blocks for larger designs.


pipeline mips in vhdl

luján, emmanuel. details. name: vhdl-pipeline-mips. created: apr 8, 2010.... category: arithmetic core. language: vhdl. development status: stable. additional info: none. wishbone compliant: no. license: gpl. description. vhdl implementation of a basic pipeline mips processor.



s2vhdl extracts structural information from systemc hdl programs. the output is in vhdl code and graphical diagrams. gcc compiler is used as a c++ frontend. .2009-06-22 .



crc generator is a command-line application that generates verilog or vhdl code for crc of any data width between 1 and 1024 and polynomial width between 1 and 1024. the code is written in c for win32, bus easily portable for other platforms .2009-06-28 .


vhdl npp plugin

its a vhdl plugin for notepad++ which is simular with the one which is available on emacs (copy a selcted entity port and then paste it as instatiation , signals or as testbench ) .2009-01-09 .


File Encryption and Encrypted text embedding in an image

. finally in both cases the output is presented to user via a dialog box. audio encryption & decryption. audio recording module, i have got from an article in the code project.


Sigma-Delta ADC, From Behavioral Model to Verilog and VHDL

from behavioral model to vhdl code. for a full description of the models,... we then proceed to generate vhdl code for our elaborated filter using simulink hdl ... dsp, filtering, fixedpoint, ma, multirate, sigmadelta(2), verilog, vhdl(2) .



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