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LTE baseband simulator on Cell platform

3gpp lte baseband simulator on cell platform .antenna configuration: three different antenna configurations are supported, 1x1, 1x2 and 2x2 (number of transmit antennas times that of receive antennas). channel: six channel models are available. they are awgn, eva5, epa5, epa70, etu70, and etu300.

MATLAB LTE System Level Simulator

the simulator is released under the terms of an academic, non-commercial use license. please read the license agreement in case of doubt. .2010-11-30 .

LS & MMSE channel estimators for OFDM

the superiority of the mmse[min mean sq error] channel estimator over the ls[least sq] estimator.... please do refer to the paper on "channel estimation in ofdm systems"... i.e ser and mse. matlab 6.1 (r12.1) channel esti(2), channel estimation(3), highlighting, mmse(3), mse comare,

OFDM LSE Channel Estimation

the performance of lse channel estimation will be evaluated based on bit error rate in received ... the comb pilot aided channel estimation in ofdm modulation is ... the bit error rate is ploted versus snr. matlab 7 (r14) channel estimation, comb pilot(2), lse, ofdm(2), subchannels,

CDMA2000 Downlink Simulink Models

- tx and rx filtering by an oversampled rrc. - different channel models such as awgn or multipath rayleigh fading. - rake receiver + channel estimation. highlights:. - extensive use of the communications blockset library to implement wireless systems.

UWB Fixed-Point Model (Multiband OFDM)

12-, 10-, and 8-bit). * 2x spreading across sub-bands. * data interleaving. * plcp preamble (packet sync, frame sync, and channel estimation). * viterbi decoding. * mode 1 frequency hopping (3 bands). * includes channel model used in ieee 802.15.3a group. instructions:.


openwireless will provide some key modules of wireless communication system, such as timing and frequency synchronization, channel estimation, mimo detection, modulation/demodulation, and channel coding/decoding. .2010-09-08 .

COFDM Simulation

the model use qpsk, reed-solomon channel coding, and training based channel estimation. matlab 6.5 (r13) channel estimator(4), cofdm(3), gito(2), nice one, ofdm(2), ofdm simulation,

Rayleigh Fading Channel Signal Generator Using the Dent Model (a modification to the Jakes Model)

. numwaveforms=2,. carrierfreq=900,. velocity=100. i have created this function for my own purpose, specifically for the use in my ofdm channel estimation model. it may not be as generic as you require, so some tweaking may be necessary. for example,

Non Convex Algorithms for Group Sparse Optimization

reweighted lm,p algorithm smoothed l2,0 algorithm . non convex optimization algorithms for group sparsity. solves a dummy ofdm sparse channel estimation problem. reweighted lm,p algorithm for noiseless case. min||x||_m,p s.t. y = ax. reweighted lm,p algorithm for noisy case. min||x||_2,p s.t.


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