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Multilinear Principal Component Analysis (MPCA)

multilinear principal component analysis of tensor objects",... mpca: multilinear principal component analysis of tensor objects", ieee transactions on neural networks, vol.... principal component analysis, subspace learning, tensor, video processing .


this program manipulates representations of compact semi-simple lie algebras. it can compute tensor products, (anti-)symmetric parts and the branching rules into maximal subalgebras. .2010-11-26 .


the tensor voting framework is a powerful technique for perceptual grouping, manifold learning, etc. it has proved to be a useful tool in the computer vision community. opentvf is an open source implementation of tvf. .2008-11-12 .

B-spline Grid, Image and Point based Registration

linux (and mac os?). some features:. - 2-d / 3-d eulerian strain tensor images can be made from the transformations fields.... landmarks, mutual information, nonrigid(2), registration(2), rigid, strain tensor, transformation field .

Levi-Civita Symbol

also known as the permutation tensor, or "epsilon i j k". the function supports not just three but two,.... matlab 7.0.1 (r14sp1) epsilon, levicivita symbol, linear algebra, mathematics, permutation tensor .

MATLAB Simulation of variable-mass rigid-body 6DOF

% dmass = mass rate of change for the aircraft. % dinertia = 3x3 inertia tensor matrix rate of change. % tarray = time series vector. %.... % imass = initial mass of aircraft. % iinertia = initial 3x3 inertia tensor matrix. % ieuler = 3x1 vector of initial euler angles. %.

Linearly spaced multidimensional matrix without loop

i use an old function that i wrote to make the tensor product of two(2) multidimensional matrices of of any size and any ... . matlab 7.7 (r2008b) kronecker tensor product(2), linear algebra, linearly spaced, multidimensional matrices,

TP Tool

the tensor product model transformation is a ...model in the same sense as the hosvd does for matrices and tensors. secondly,... . matlab 7 (r14) control design, nonlinear control, tensor product model .

Laplacian in 1D, 2D, or 3D

neumann, and periodic boundary conditions using tensor sums of 1d laplacians. for more information on tensor sums, see.

Cartesian Tensor Face Relighting

this code demonstrates the use of cartesian tensors (3rd order) for face image relighting. ....m demonstrates the use of the cartesian tensor basis for facial apparent brdf (abrdf) ...reflectance modeling and shape recovery of faces using tensor splines”,


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