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A software for windows to control and patch DMX 512 lighting equipment. Based on ANSI E1.20 (remote device management) and the FT232R.


wtf2osc converts several protocols to OSC (Open Sound Control) and back again and though makes it possible to use them in software Max or SuperCollider. Currently it supports only DMX and HTTP, expect more to come.

Distributed Multihead X

The DMX software has been integrated into the server software. Please download directly from instead of from SourceForge. The code here is rather old and is no longer updated.

Free ACN

FreeACN is an open source library implementing the Architecture for Control Networks (ACN). ACN is an ACN is an entertainment control protocol described in ANSI E1.17-2006 devised to replace the DMX protocol.


proDMX is a cross-platform library for the Processing programming language that allows to send and receive DMX messages through the serial port.

schwartzpeter lighting board

Schwartzpeter is a free Lighting Board to make your show on your laptop thruth a dmx 512 interface. Dedicated to theatre and dance. MIDI remoting enable. is receiving binaries and sources.


The goal is to create a web based management tool for EMC Symmetrix and DMX storage arrays, utilizing Solutions Enabler (SYMCLI), PHP, MySQL, Javascript (ExtJS), and Apache web server.

Light up X

LuX (Light up X) is a full-featered Virtual Light Console for Linux. It communicates with a DMX Device and can be used in Theatres, Concerts or Parties for complex light effects.

Oribi - Interface for VR Cluster

Oribi is the only interface you need to launch any applications in VR Cluster or Tiled Display. It has a nice File Manager interface which allows the user it works with Chromium, DMX,ClusterJuggler, NetJuggler, etc


An open source project to actually create a friendly intuitve DMX light control package for dance-club type of lighting.


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