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GeoTools, the java GIS toolkit

mysql and many more. .ogc standards support wms, wfs, gml, kml. spatial database support db2, oracle spatial, postgresql/postgis, sqlserver. raster and vector support geotiff, shp, world+image.


the project will produce a small standalone java application which will allow a user to convert esri shapefiles (.shp) to the google earth kml format. this will allowshp) to the google earth kml format. this will allow esri shapefile points, lines, and polygons to be viewed in google earth. .


a tcl api for shapelib .2007-01-04 .

Basics of a Falling Blocks Game in VB.NET 2005

willcollide(shp as shape,, x * 20, y * 20, 20, 20) next next for each shp as shape in boardpieces for each pnt as point in shp.points

ESRI Silverlight API Contrib

*.shp" and the "*.dbf"... //get the file info objects for the shp and the dbf file selected by the user fileinfo shapefile = null;... foreach( fileinfo fi in ofd.files ) { if( fi.extension.tolower() == ".shp" ) { shapefile = fi; } if( fi.extension.tolower() == ".dbf" ) { dbffile = fi;

Picture Chat Using C#

ext if(shp1.text.equals("empty")){ write(""+0); return; } string ext=shp1.text.substring(shp1.text.length-3); write(ext); fileinfo fi=new fileinfo(_currentpath +"\\"+nickname+"."

Quick C#

shapes: collectionbase { public void add(shape shp) { list.add(shp);... the return is a null. have a look at the example below to better understand the concept. shape shp = new shape(); vehicle veh = shp as vehicle; // result is null,


project description. xnapanzer is an xna/c# version of the classic panzer general war game. i am using the original pg graphics siphoned from the shp image files. this project is for both me and all the other pg lovers out there. i urge you to step up and contribute in whatever way you can.

Thumbnailer HTTP Handler

name the project anything you want (i named mine shp.handler), and delete the default class1....reflection; using system.drawing; namespace shp.... open the shp.handler solution file, and compile the code.

PostgreSQL & PostGis Operations

exe, pg_restore.exe, shp2pgsql.exe, pgsql2shp.exe). using the code. connection to postgresql....pg_restore") toolstripstatuslabel1.text = "restore successfully executed"; else if(commandtype=="shp2pgsql") toolstripstatuslabel1.text = "your selected shape file successfully transferred to postgis"


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