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hydrogen uses the analytical solution to the tise to produce the orbitals of the hydrogen atom. two scripts are included in hydrogen. one is the main program, whilst the other is used to . matlab 7.8 (r2009a) hydrogen, orbital viewer, orbitals, physics, quantum mechanics, schrodinger equation .

QEBS Version 1.0

band structure calculation for quantum cascade lasers. this is a toolbox to compute the subband structure of the quantum cascade lasers without conduction band nonparapolicity effect. matlab 6.5 (r13) band structure calculation, chemistry, physics, quantum cascade laser, schrodinger equation .

physical fortran

a library which i hope to write to compute high precision aerodynamic and electrodynamic equations .2008-05-05 .

Real Programmers Don't Use PASCAL

real programmers use fortran. quiche eaters use pascal. nicklaus wirth,... as implemented in the ibm\370 fortran-g and h compilers.... a fortran iv compiler, and a beer. real programmers do list processing in fortran.

Code Line Counter -- counts CSharp and any other source code format

such as fortran. (see documentation download for details). inception.... codecounter is easily extended to process other source code types, such as fortran. it is as simple as implementing a few functions defined in an interface.

Fortran for Microsoft.NET

this article gives you an introduction about how fortran can be used to write wide variety of ...attention towards one of the popular languages fortran and would like to present some examples to show how fortran extends its capability to deliver wide

Converting Fortran into usable C++ pseudo-code

is a simple example of how a language like fortran 77 can be converted into usable c++ code....are converted as they are in the original fortran program,... as many fortran source code files may be located on legacy systems.

Optimization: Your Worst Enemy

one such experience was that of the fortran compiler group.... in particular, ibm wrote a program that took a fortran program as input, such as the spec matrix-multiply benchmark, and produced another fortran program as output,

Complex math library for C# and VB.NET

fortran and c++ have complex numbers built in.... it duplicates the capabilities of the fortran complex*16 type,... this class duplicates the fortran complex*16 type. eight bytes for the real part, and 8 bytes for the imaginary part,

A Comprehensive Look at Concurrency through the OpenMP API

that can be added to a sequential program in fortran, c,... in fact, it looks like a comment to a regular fortran compiler or a pragma to a c/c++ compiler, to use openmp in conjunction with major programming languages like fortran, c,


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