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Ultimate FastMaps!

a level of non-mfc application-usable tree classes that support ... a level of mfc application-usable tree classes that support ... and three mfc application-usable tree classes that support serialization to carchive objects

Undocumented Visual C++

instead, these products are implemented as mfc extension dll's (but have a .... visual c++ is a mfc application. this should come as no surprise....exe. it is bound (pun intended) to load mfc42.dll. in fact, msdev.

Developing Windows Forms Control using MFC and Managed C++

controls available at codeproject are written in mfc and cannot be used on windows forms ...a windows forms control by wrapping the existing mfc control (with little or no changes to the original mfc code).

ATL COM Shared Add Ins Using C++ - The Easy Way

it is a pity that some of the very tidy mfc class libraries cannot be used in these ...all the host application more than likely uses the mfc. it seems that the atl people and the mfc people at microsoft don't often talk to each other.

Create projects easily with private MFC, ATL and CRT assemblies

programs that use either the crt-dlls or the mfc shared dlls....0 (vs 2005). programs that use the crt and mfc with the shared dll versions can't easily copy the ... the reason is that vc++ 8.0 binds the crt and mfc -- and atl, if used -- with a manifest to the exe.

Win32 vs. MFC - Part II

i outlined how mfc encapsulates winmain function and how it ... today, i am going to focus on window procedure in an mfc application and how the mfc team has constructed this for mfc programmers.

Interprocess Communication Between .NET and MFC Using WM_COPYDATA

net framework with an existing mfc file viewer application. more specifically, utilize the filesystemwatcher class to notify the mfc viewer app when a new file was created so it could ... since mfc could not directly access this service,

INI Reader / Writer Class for MFC and ANSI C++ ( Windows \ Linux )

download mfc version (visual studio 6.0 project) - 20.6 kb....0 project) - 16.57 kb. download mfc version (visual studio .net 2005 project) - 21.83 kb.... originally the data structures underlying the cinifile object were mfc clist objects.

Regular DLL Tutor For Beginners

this article shows you how to create a win32 and mfc dll to dynamically link a library to your ... microsoft foundation class (mfc) library can be used to create simplified dlls. the mfc supports two types of dlls, regular and extension:.

Asynchronous Function Calls: Working with Win32 threads made easy

"job#1" ); afc::launch<afc::mfc_thread<> >( &cmywindow::mylengthyfunction,... afc::win32_thread, afc::crt_thread, and afc::mfc_thread, which correspond to ::createthread(),... you must use either crt_thread or mfc_thread. in the same context,


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