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Hands Gesture Recognition

// apply difference filter bitmap motionobjectsimage = differencefilter.apply( currentframe );. on the difference image, it is possible to see the absolute difference between two images – whiter areas show the areas of higher difference, and black areas show the areas of no difference.


Survillance System using Motion Detection

survillance system using motion detection. this is surveillance system using motion detection. it implements two motion detection algorithms sum of absolute difference sad and the two dimensional cross correlation. the amount of sensitivity can be controlled from the gui. results produces are movie,


Real Time Microphone and Camera data acquisition and audio-video processing

- plots an estimation of the motion between the current and the previous frames. - plots the average absolute difference between two successive frames.


Visual Surveillance Laboratory Part 2

taking the same pixel (same position) from image b and taking the absolute difference between them. if both pixels are equal in value then the difference will be 0 meaning totally black.


Image Processing Subset

imsmarthist_thresh.cpp: equalize data based on histogram. imsmartstd_thresh.cpp: equalize data based on standard deviation. im_absdiff.cpp: absolute difference of two images. im_add.cpp: add two images. im_addelem.cpp: add a variable to an image. im_complement.cpp: inverse of an image.


Optimizing a High-Performance Computing Tool

we realized we should measure the cumulative time spent in the old hash function and the incremental hash function, and look for an absolute difference. we immediately began googling for .net profilers and found several.


Graph Neighborhood

problem definition: (1) to construct a graph such that the vertices are the pixels of the image and edges are defined as the absolute difference between the considered pixel and its neighborhoods (8 way neighborhood system).


Separate Kernel in 1D kernels

3d ., nd kernel. outputs,. k1 : cell array with the 1d kernels. kn : approximation of the nd input kernel by the 1d kernels. err : the sum of absolute difference between approximation and input kernel. ---------------------------------------------------------------------.



for example the median absolute deviation (mad). to install, unpack the zip,...cpp. then put the resulting binaries on your matlab path. matlab 7.10 (2010a) c, cpp, median, median absolute deviation, mex, nth_element, rank selection, rank selection algorithm, robust statistics, selection,


Optimization Tips and Tricks

14. passing extra information/variables into an optimization. 15. minimizing the sum of absolute deviations. 16. minimize the maximum absolute deviation. 17. batching small problems into large problems. 18. global solutions & domains of attraction. 19. bound constrained problems. 20.



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