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Finding the Good Injection Point in Project Hoshimi (Part 2)

to do that, we will use a 2d-gaussian function:.... the gaussian function. now, let's define this gaussian function. a gaussian curve has 3 parameters: an intensity, a center,

Gaussian Blur

a gaussian blur is the result of blurring an image by a gaussian function. it is a widely used effect in graphics software,... applying a gaussian blur to an image is the same as convolving the image with a gaussian function; this is also known as a two-dimensional weierstrass transform.

A C++ blob editor in less than 128 lines of code

so the same code will work the same way on different architectures. from a mathematical point of view, each blob is considered as an implicit gaussian function. all the blobs are added into a potential field (here, described by the main image img). then,

Integer order 1D Gaussian function

performs a gaussian function of any positive order. computes the gaussian function in 1d:. exp(-log(2)*(2*(x-x0).... log is the natural log. matlab 7.4 (r2007a) 1d, gaussian function, integer order, mathematics .

Integer order radial-2D Gaussian function.

generates a 'radial' gaussian function in 2d of any positive integer order. calculates a rotated 2d gaussian (cylindrical). y = gauss2d_r(x, y,... y = ((0:ny-1)*dy - y0) * ones(1, nx);. matlab 7.4 (r2007a) 2d, gaussian function, integer, mathematics, radial .

Improved 2D Gabor Filter

bi-dimensional gabor filter with dc component compensation. this version of the 2d gabor filter [1] is basically a bi-dimensional gaussian function centered at origin (0,0) with variance s modulated by a complex sinusoid with polar frequency (f,w) and phase p described by the following equation:.

Mixture Model

a straight-forward java implementation of a mixture model with pluggable mixture functions, e.g. a mixture of gaussian functions. the number and dimensionality of the mixture functions is not limited. all critical calculations are performed in log-space. .

Nonlinear fitting n-dimensional data with arbitrary functions

demonstrates the abilities of matlab functions lsqcurvefit, fmincon and fminsearch to fit complex mo. how to fit a 2d gaussian function to noisy data in matlab? or data with another number of dimensions and arbitrary fit function?.

image resampling

% 'nearest' - nearest neighbor. % 'linear' - bilinear. % 'cubic' - bicubic. % 'spline' - spline. % example:. %. % % create a 2d gaussian function. % h = fspecial('gaussian',[31,31],5);. % % resample it at a smaller pixel size. % nh = imresample([1,1],h,[0.2,0.2],'spline');.

Scattered Data Interpolation and Approximation using Radial Base Functions

gaussian, linear, cubic, thinplate. 2. smoothing level: (must be a positive scalar). rbfcreate(x, f ,'rbfsmooth', 0.1);. 3. multiquadric and gaussian functions have definable constants. rbfcreate(x, f ,?rbfconstant', 0.1);.


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