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Interactive Techniques in Three-dimensional Scenes (Part 1): Moving 3D Objects with the Mouse using OpenGL 2.1

Download demo - 971 KB. Download source - 611 KB. Contents. For easy reference, here is what is covered in the article:. Introduction. Who is this Article for?. Background. Select and Move Process Overview. Virtual Planes based Translation Controller. The Design. Download Source Overview. The


Graphics Numerical Linear Algebra Graphics How To Numerics How To Graphics Examples Numerics Examples Linear algebra for computer graphics. Current Status (2007-07-21). FAQ. Why NPack?. What are the Alternatives?. .


osgJuggler is a library suite that makes developing computer graphics appications for virtual reality easier. osgJuggler is a framework that allows you to develop a scene with OpenSceneGraph and view it on any platform supported by VRJuggler. .2005-03-06 .

Quaternion Toolbox

q2dcm - quaternion to direction cosine matrix. dcm2q - direction cosine matrix to quaternion. Note that many more recent applications, particularly computer graphics libraries, choose the opposite convention. That is, the equivalent "q" is the "left hand quaternion"

Importing 3D objects into Avalon from 3DS files

3D objects in computer graphics consists of many faces ... For more information about 3D computer graphics, I recommend the following links:. "Face and Vertex Normal Vectors" from MSDN "3D computer graphics" from

Mesh Generator

Project Description. In aim of this projects is to develop a simple mesh generator libary, based on sequential and parallel Delaunay triangulation algorithms. The library or its ideas can The library or its ideas can be used in the field of finite elements method (FEM) and computer graphics. .


eNVyMyCar is a simple LAN multiplayer game intended as a support tool for teaching Computer Graphics. The game is a simple car race on a client/server architecture. The server runs the race simulation and transmits the state of the race (basically the po .2008-02-27 .


SUPERCLOCK takes advantage of computer graphics to redefine how you tell time. Superclock is just a clock made with MATLAB® graphics. But rather than your regular clock, it takes advantage of the computer to show the time in a physically impossible manner. See if you can figure it out!.

Real Programmers Don't Use PASCAL

Disclaimer. I have no idea who wrote the original version of this text. The first time I saw this article was in 1986 but other people told me that it was already old at mostly because nobody has found a use for computer graphics yet. On the other hand, all computer graphics is done in FORTRAN,


Project Description. DrawForce is a library containing a wide range of computer graphics related classes. It's written in C#, compiles into a .NET assembly and is designed to work hand-in-hand with the other stuff in the .NET framework.


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