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Matlab version of qm1d

find and plot eigenvalues and eigenvectors of 1d schrodinger equation. this is matlab version of qm1d program written in fortran. i found it here:.... . matlab 7.3 (r2006b) 1d, egenvectors, eigenvalues, schrodinger equation, symmetric, tridiagonal matrix .


high-level library for managing 1-d, 2-d and 3-d regular grids. additional routines for propagating the time-dependent schrodinger equation (linear & non-linear). contains openmp directives to achieve parallel execution on shared-memory machines. .2010-02-16 .

Split Step Fourier Method

simulate pulse propagation in fiber optics. this m-file solves nonlinear schrodinger equation and display the results in 3d graphics along with it the pulse broadening ratio and phase shift has also been calculated and displayed. matlab 7.0.1 (r14sp1) fourier, nlse, nonlinear, pulse propagation(2),

Tutorial - 1D finite square well

simulate a time dependent solution of schrodinger's equation and calculate energy spectrum of a 1d finite square ... reference: m. d. feit, j. a. fleck, jr., and a. steiger, "solution of the schrodinger equation by a spectral method", journal of computational physics 47,

Parallelized FDTD Schrodinger Solver

the parallelized fdtd schrodinger solver implements a parallel algorithm for solving the time-independent 3d schrodinger equation using the finite difference time domain (fdtd) method. see the wiki menu item for more information. .2009-11-06 .


hydrogen uses the analytical solution to the tise to produce the orbitals of the hydrogen atom. two scripts are included in hydrogen. one is the main program, whilst the other is used to . matlab 7.8 (r2009a) hydrogen, orbital viewer, orbitals, physics, quantum mechanics, schrodinger equation .

QEBS Version 1.0

band structure calculation for quantum cascade lasers. this is a toolbox to compute the subband structure of the quantum cascade lasers without conduction band nonparapolicity effect. matlab 6.5 (r13) band structure calculation, chemistry, physics, quantum cascade laser, schrodinger equation .


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