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Y2K Bugs, And Why You Should Still Worry About Them

to the best of my knowledge, the world did not end at midnight. And there was no virus breakout that brought big companies' systems down. In fact,

Ultra-simple C++ Read/Write Lock Class for Windows

DecrementReaderCount(); } else { // Breakout. bLoop = false;


Breakanoid is a remake of that classic arcade game Breakout but this time with a twist - multiplayer - now you can play your friends over the internet or a LAN to make the game even more interesting

Anoid NG

Anoid NG is a 3D version of the well-known games Arkanoid and Breakout. Anoid NG allows the user to specify levels using an XML format, and even extend the game with new objects.

Microsoft .NET Release Bug

This may be your hardest step. Next find the lines of code that are complex or non-standard. Make sure to breakout long statements into multiple lines and output messages to display the result of each line.

NLC's BreakXPress-Simple BreakOut-Game

NightLifeCreation's - BreakXPress ist ein typisches BreakOut Spiel. Entwicklung unter Windows in DirectX. Sprache: Deutsch. ----- NightLifeCreation's - BreakXPress is a typical BreakOut game.

HTML 5 Canvas Library

awt.Graphics class in Java. It also comes with a JavaScript implementation of the game Breakout to demonstrate using the library.

W2H4U: Way Too Hard For You

Project DescriptionThis is a spin off of the original game, Too Hard For You, a mix of Tetris and Breakout. It is completely rebuilt from the ground up, with one extra feature: Pong.It is developed in C#,


but instead tries to make it easy to create smaller casual games, like Side Scrollers, tetris, breakout type games. For more information about the xGSuite projects visit the Documentation page.


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