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Blind detection of the number of sources with hypothesis tests.

estimation of the number of sources. . let us assume the following mimo model:. y(k)=hx(k)+y(k). this file can detect the number of sources, i.... pages 205217, 1969. . matlab 7 (r14) blind detection, mimo, number of sources, signal processing .


RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) Mitigation Toolbox 1.2.1 beta

further the toolbox implements a 2x2 mimo communication system using m-qam modulation,... february 2001. [6] k. gulati, a. chopra, r. w. heath, jr., b. l. evans, k. r. tinsley, and x. e. lin, "mimo receiver design in the presence of radio frequency interference", proc. ieee int.


Design of feedback control of a linear system

evaluation and feedback design of mimo linear system. a very simple code written by taking help from one of the control systems book. task was to take a mimo system where observations are less than states,



automatically connects miso, mimo, and sink blocks when block is dropped over a line in simulink. unlike siso block in simulink,...e. gain, unit delay, etc) in simulink. this also allows you to autoconnect mimo blocks onto multiple independent signal lines. for example,


Blind Source Separation based on Multi User Kurtosis

m file illustrate the bahaviour of the algorithm for a simple mimo communication using qpsk modulation.... matlab 7.6 (r2008a) blind source separation(2), independant component analysis(2), kurtosis(2), mimo, muk, qpsk .


Count the number of the girth 4 of LDPC codes

and counts the number of girth 4 for gallager ldpc codes. ref:. [1] y. xiao, m -h lee,low complexity mimo-ldpc cdma systems over multipath channels,. ieice transactions on communications, v e89-b, n 5, may, 2006, p 1713-1717. [2] j. fan, y. xiao,


Priority First Spherical Lattice Space-Time Decoder with Boundary Control

a stack-based sequential priority first decoder that returns maximum-likelihood solutions to spherical last coded mimo system-type problems, i.e., a lattice decoder with spherical boundary control. in such problems,


Girth 4 of Gallager codes

if and only if the o matrix in fig.2 has no entry value to be larger than 1. ref:. [1] y. xiao, m -h lee, “low complexity mimo-ldpc cdma systems over multipath channels”,. ieice transactions on communications, v e89-b, n 5, may, 2006, p 1713-1717. [2] j. fan, y. xiao, “


CDMA coding and Decoding

the programme is about cdma coding and decoding. matlab 7 (r14) cdma(6), coding(2), decoding(2), matlab(2), mimo, powercontrol, wimax, wireless, ưimax .


Alamouti Scheme with GUI

performs monte-carlo simulation and estimates ber of alamouti scheme over rayleigh channel. alamouti performs monte-carlo simulation and estimates bit error author: g. levin, july 2004. matlab 6.1 (r12.1) alamouti(2), bit error rate, diversity(3), mimo, rayleigh channel(2), uwbofdm, wireless .



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