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Save/Print figure to high res. image file

saves the current fig to an image flie. easy to use function. let's you save the current figure as an image file. a pop-up dialog prompts user where to save the image and what image a pop-up dialog prompts user where to save the image and what image compression to use. default dpi is 300.



matlab 6.1 (r12.1) application, image compression, lbg algorithm, linde buzo(2), vector quantization(2), vq, where can i get program for codebook generation .


Image Compression using Wavelet

4. selecting and assigning a wavelet for compression. 5. generating threshold coefficients using birge-massart strategy. 6. performing the image compression using wavelets. 7. computing and displaying the results such as compressed image, retained energy and zero coefficients. 8.


Image Compression Using Wavelets

compression using wavelet transform which give better reconstruction. image compression using wavelet transform. *wavelet transform give better information about non-stationary signals in time domain. matlab 6.1 (r12.1) compression(3), image process(2), nonstationary signals, transform(3),



wavelets are used both in compression and coding. this project includes how to compress an image using wavelets and how to code an image using sub-band coding technique.mat lab software ismat lab software is used here. matlab 7 (r14) compression, image compression(2), subband coding, wavelets .


Run Length Encoding of SPIHT

spiht run length encoded. this zip contains a simple paper of spiht generated streams run length encoded . later i'll be posting the matlab source code also and also spiht with arithmetic coding. ravi lakkundi. ravi lakkundi. matlab 6.5 (r13) compression, spiht, wavelet image compression .


Compression Ratio

c)get the image information. d)find the compression ratio for the copied image. matlab 7 (r14) compression, image(2), image compression ratio(2), image processing, ratio .


Wavelet Based Image Compression implementation using SOFM

e., vector quantisation to encode the sub bands formed by the application of wavelet transform. matlab 6.0 (r12) compression, image compression using sofm .


Image compression using SOFM using Wavelet

sofm algorithm is one of the method for image compression . the main objective of this project is to implement the concept of wavelet based compression to gray scale images using sofm.


WSQ image library (for fingerprints) v.2.8

reads and converts wsq (fbi's wavelet scalar quantization) and 31 other formats. for fingerprint images wsq (wavelet scalar quantization) is superior to other lossy such as jpeg, and was chosen by fbi (u.s. federal bureau of investigation) as the fingerprint image compression standard.



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