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Virtual Air

Multiplayer framework for flight simulators. Based on M&S HLA 1.3 standards. Provides a 3D air traffic visualization tool and HLA plug-ins for FlightGear, Microsoft Flight Simulator X and X-Plane. .HLA plug-in for the FlightGear flight simulator. HLA plug-in for the Microsoft Flight Simulator X.


Using the Free Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition to Develop Win32 Applications

WEditRes. Or (for an IDE that also seems to let you edit resources): RadASM© Win32 assembly IDE for masm/tasm/fasm/nasm/goasm/hla. wxWidgets also has some sort of system where you use XML to define your resources and there are free RAD applications,


Microsoft Computational Biology Tools

Project Description. Computational biology tools from Microsoft Research's eScience group: PhyloD (Phylogeny-Based Association Analysis), Epitope Prediction, HLA Assignment, HLA Completion. The Tools. PhyloD Pathogens live and reproduce inside the human host, whose immune system continually


HLA Standard Library

The intention of this project is to support users of Randall Hyde's HLA (High Level Assembly) language who wish to maintain, extend, or evolve the HLA Standard Library. http://webster.cs.ucr.edu/AsmTools/HLA/index.html .2009-04-06 .


IFS - an Internet File System implementation based on Web services and peer-to-peer technology

Download source and this article - 205 KB. Latest source code and updated documentation is (will be) available here soon. On this page. Introduction. What is Internet File System?. The IFS architecture. Why this IFS is (or will be) cool?. How it works?. Using the library Peer registration &


Open HLA

Open HLA (oh-la) provides an open-source implementation of the HLA RTI spec 1.3 and IEEE 1516.It also provides a framework to wrap the standard RTI classes and FOM to code generation to make life simpler. .2007-02-22 .


Multi-Simulation Interface (MSI)

The Multi-Simulator Interface (MSI) is a simulation interconnection engine. It connects simulations by synchronizing their clocks and data. It is a light-weight HLA alternative. .2006-11-21 .



The RToolkit is an open source, cross platform, object-oriented C++ framework for HLA compliant simulation development. .2008-08-04 .



An open source implementation of the High Level Architecture Run-Time Infrastructure. Focused on modularity and flexibility, Portico provides an extensible environment to support HLA simulation development and research. .2009-06-03 .


Helix Log Analyzer

Helix Log Analyzer (HLA) as it says helix log analyzer is a product that tries to be an awstats little brother specialised in analyzing Helix Server's logs. Maybe this task could be done by awstats but i found there was some information lacking. .



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