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Control optimization of a 4DOF arm using DIDO

4 DOF arm imported via SimMechanics generates dynamics for optimal pick-place control solved by DIDO. A 4 DOF arm based on the Motoman IA20 was built in AutoDesk Inventor. SimMechanics is used to generate a Simulink model. This model generates the dynamics for the robot implicitly, so there is


FEM. Optimization Analysis on Laminated Composite Plates with FSDT (update:07-23-07)

Epoxi-Laminated Composite Plates optimization analysis. Umut TOPAL & Ali ÖZGÜL (16.03.07-21.07.07). FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS on LAMINATED COMPOSITE PLATES with FIRST-ORDER-SHEAR DEFORMATION THEORY (FSDT). Objective of this Matlab's program was researched optimization analysis of laminated


Parametric Rectangular Kirchoff Plate FEMs

parametric rectangular plates. This model is description smilalry parametric rectangular the Kirchoff bending+twisting plate finite element models. Per model has main problem than finding element parametric or homogen shape function as workable to element`s geometric boundary conditions.



Nonlinear 6DOF Model of an Underwater Vehicle. Shark is a detailed nonlinear model of an underwater vehicle for MATLAB 5.3 and later (tested on 6.1 as well). It has a Simulink interface but the source code consists in 10 MATLAB functions, each one being well documented in an enclosed PDF report.


CMIF - Complex Mode Indicator Function

Function calculate CMIF from full complex FRF matrix. CMIF - Complex Mode Indicator Function. Inputs:. H - full complex H matrix (Frequency Response Function) including at least 2 reference points measurements:. [number of frequency points x number of DOF x number of reference points]. W -


Nonlinear F-16 Fighter Model

This .zip file contains the 6 DoF nonlinear dynamic model of an F-16 aircraft. This ZIP file contains the nonlinear model of an. F-16 fighter aircraft in MATLAB/Simulink, Both high-fidelity and low-fidelity aerodynamic data are available, taken from NASA report 1538 and "Aircraft Control and


Flutter Analysis Model

Models a 2 DOF wing using SimMechanics™. This model demonstrates how to implement a coupled structural-aerodynamic problem. The wing, otherwise rigid, is allowed to pitch and plunge. The motion of the wing is defined using SimMechanics blocks. The aerodynamic model is a simple, quasi-steady


2,4,7 DOFs Suspension Model for Simulink

1) 2 DOFs. 2) 4 DOFs. 3) 7 DOFs. Chen,Yi. Chenyi2005@gmail.com. 27-May-2006. MATLAB 7 (R14) automotive, dof(2), passive, semiactive, simulink, suspension .


PID control of PUMA560 robot

a MATLAB code for a PID controller of 3 DOF PUMA560 robot. The Dynamics of the robot are taken from:. Brian Armstrong, Oussama Khatib & Joel Burdick , “The Explicit Dynamic Model and Inertial Parameters of the PUMA 560 Arm” , Stanford University, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, IEEE 1986.


Virtual Robot 4 Degree of Freedom

having flexibility of screen rotation, specification of degree of freedom, shows x y z coordinates of end point of robot arm etc.... feel free to contact on p.m.somani@gmail.com. MATLAB 7 (R14) automation, degree of freedom, gui(2), robot(2) .



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