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c++ code:radar,signalprocessing,plots.

miscelaneous c++ code, scripts, commands, in matters as radar, signal processing, realtime gnuplot, 2d/3d graphics .2004-11-29 .miscelaneous c++ code, scripts, commands, in matters as radar, signal processing, realtime gnuplot, 2d/3d graphics .2004-11-29 .


OpenFlashChart - A radar chart example with VB.NET

searched for a clean and simple way to draw a radar chart with minimum knowledge of java.... background. first of all, a radar chart look like this:....form1" runat="server"> <div> <cc1:openflashchartcontrol id="ofc_radar" runat="server" datafile="datafile/radar.aspx" height="200px" width="


process radar

process radar data for visualization. a=processradar(twt,a [,parameters]). parameters:. backgroundremoval=[true],false. gain=[tsquare],linear.... matlab 7.1.0 (r14sp3) background removal, bandpass, gain, ground, grp, ipr, radar(2) .


Spider (radar) Chart

plots a radar (spider) chart (no need of circle function here).... matlab 7.6 (r2008a) chart, graph, graphics, plotting, radar, specialized, specialized plot, spider .


Radially averaged power spectrum of 2D real-valued matrix

the radially averaged power spectrum (raps) is the ... i.e. the average of all possible directional power spectra. the radially averaged power spectrum provides a convenient means to view and compare information contained in 2d


Turn off your Windows Computer from within MATLAB after a long unattended calculation

unattended matlab calculation is complete. of course,...other applications before beginning your unattended matlab calculation (and design your matlab calculation to save its own data before terminating).


pstool - power spectrum calculation

for a given signal, pstool calculates a one-sided power spectrum, i.e. the portion of a signal's power falling within given frequency bins. this is done by employing a one-dimensional real-to-complex fft routine on an mpi cluster.


classical binary threshold CFAR threshold calculation (radar)


classical CFAR threshold calculation (radar)


POWER2:Calculates the power of any no. with any exponent to give exact answer with all digits

power calculation giving exact answer with all digits. syntax::::power2(a,b). where,. a=base. b=exponent. matlab function power's result if more than 9 digits,give the. result as in exp.(e) terms.



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