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the desktop connection library (dcl) is a multiplatform long-term project aimed at replacing apple's libraries and applications to connect to and transfer data with newtons. recent development focused on posix but it was compiled for macos 9 and windows. .

The Ultimate TCP/IP FAQ

transfer data using ftp with the client behind a ... // close the connection smtp.smtpclose (); } return 0; } transfer data using ftp with the client behind a firewall. (07/24/2001). q: how do i transfer data when the client is behind a firewall?.

VC 1541 Emulator

this program is intended to emulate the serial protocol that is usedfor the communication between a commodore 64 computer anda vc 1541 disk drive.that means you can transfer data fromthat means you can transfer data from a pc to a c64 without aspecial program on the c64 and use you .2003-06-29 .

A Universal TCP Socket Class for Non-blocking Server/Clients

how to transfer data...., the data port must stop sending data. endian-ness. if you have to transfer data between low-endian machines and high-endian machines,...of csocket is that you can very easily use strong encryption to transfer data more securely than via https.

Using the Clipboard, Part I : Transferring Simple Text

four-part series of articles on programmatically transferring data to and from the windows ...programmatic steps are taken any time you are transferring data to or from the clipboard.... figure 1: these are the standard steps used to transfer data to the clipboard using the windows

JDatabaseImport Tool

jdatabaseimport is a java tool created to make life easier in order to transfer data from one database to another. using the newest jdbc driver, simply select where to import from and where to export it. .2006-10-11 .


jox is a set of java libraries that make it easy to transfer data between xml documents and java beans. you can think of jox as a special form of java object serialization, using xml as the serialization format. .2004-03-31 .

C# - Data Transfer Object

the data transfer object "dto", is a simple serializable object used to transfer data across multiple layers of an application.... i have created a framework used by multiple applications that utilizes dtos to transfer data across tiers.

A Beginners Guide to Dialog Based Applications - Part One

int nindex; updatedata(); // transfer data from controls to variables //get currently selected text ... + m_strlastname; m_namelist.addstring(m_strfullname); //add string to list updatedata(false); // transfer data from variables to controls } building and running the program.


newtonlink is a program to transfer data between a newton pda and applications such as xrolodex, addressbook, korganizer, star office, plan, kjots, kab, kmail, ksendfax, xfmail and netscape. you can also install and upload newton packages to/from a unix s .2001-02-03 .


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